Copa Cluster

Pendant Cluster Chandelier made of Copper and Wood: Copa is a versatile pendant chandelier that can be used in various configurations and applications. Polished Copper and wood housing holds vintage style bulb.
Each pendant is made from Hem Fir wood with beautiful grain and hand-turned on lathe.
This chandelier comes with 5 pendants 36 inches in height. The fully dimmable bulbs look as beautiful in the day light as in the night when turned on with warm glowing filament inside.
Install the cluster chandelier over dining table, breakfast counter or in the living room, it’s certain to add warmth and style to your living space.
If you need any other height or length for the chandelier then do include a note with your purchase to let us know what size you’d require the cord to be cut and we can customize it for you. You can also substitute White G30 40Watts bulbs for Clear Vintage bulbs. Just make a note with your purchase.
We could also add more bulbs to the chandelier to make it even bigger depending on the size of the space where installed.

Polished Copper and Wood Pendant
3.5 inch 60 watts Vintage Clear Globe Bulb. (5 included)
Ceiling canopy with installation hardware.
Weight: 3 Lbs.
Dimensions Pendant: 3.25”L x 1.5”W x 1.5”H
Length of cords: 36”. (Or cut to length)

Each lamp is made by hand in Canada. If you're looking for any other color to compliment your decor, or would like to customize the size or design then send us an email to check if the lamp can be customized for you. There might be a little extra charge depending on the level of customization.


- Please note while our lamps are not UL listed however all electrical components used in our lamps are UL listed and finest quality. We are not mass-manufacturers; we handcraft each lamp upon order to highest standards. Each lamp is inspected and tested prior to shipping.
- Consult qualified electrician for installation where applicable.
- All lamps using incandescent bulbs must not exceed 60 Watts.
- GAGAN DESIGN INC. is not Liable for any damages caused by misuse of these products.


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