About Us

In a time when things are constantly getting mass produced, we’re taking a step back to pause, appreciate and craft every piece by hand.

We’re not manufacturers, we’re craftsmen. We take time to handcraft each piece, bit by bit, because the human in us still appreciates a human touch; a hug over a like; a tete-a-tete over a tweet; for there is spirit and magic in things our hands touch against those that come out of a mold, for we truly believe...
The Best Things In Life Are Still Made By Hand.™

Gagan Design is aviation furniture and modern + minimal lighting design studio. Every piece is unique work of art and is handcrafted in Canada. We endeavor to blend innovation with fine craftsmanship mixing equal parts human touch and spirit in our lamps. Bring one home to read a book, light up the room or just invite a conversation.

Our aviation furniture features high-class pieces made from vintage aircraft parts. There’s a lot of history behind these salvaged airplane parts and this is our way of giving second life and paying tribute to the magnificent flying machines that once touched our skies with glory. Hundreds of hours of work go into each piece, from salvaging, designing, fabricating to finishing, each piece is painstakingly turned into unique furniture that’s like no other. You can own a very unique piece of aviation history as art, furniture or just a statement of your love for aviation.

We undertake bespoke requests from interior designers and architects to create high-class one-of-a-kind pieces for homes and corporate offices. These pieces can range from modern lighting accents to aviation furniture in the form of conference tables from airplane wings, bar stools from bomber chairs, bars from galley carts and jet engine cowlings and office desks to name a few.
We also undertake special lighting projects for hotels and restaurants.

Gagan Design is vision of Gagan Singh who is a self-taught furniture and modern lighting designer. Raised in Air Force family, Gagan combined his passion for furniture design and love for aviation into one unique vocation, designing functional aviation art furniture and modern lighting accents.

Gagan started his career in advertising communication. After 18 years of communication design and multiple international awards including One Show Design London, New York Festivals Midas, he took his passion for world-class design into third dimension.
Gagans lamps have won admiration and accolades across the world, from being featured in blogs like Design Milk to HGTV to numerous art and design publications around the world. One of Gagans and people favorite, the Peg Lamp won the prestigious A’Design award in Lighting Product Design 2014 in Italy.