Free-standing Polo Lamp

 Handcrafted Modern & Minimal Floor Lamp: Your favorite Polo Lamp now is even more versatile. This has 'Free-standing' functionality in addition to leaning it against a wall. You can either lean it against a wall or let it stand free by inserting the wooden peg in the base. It's just that simple.
Use it in your living room, study room or bedroom where it makes an excellent reading lamp by your bedside.
Height of pendant bulb is easily adjusted by sliding the bulb mount up and down.
You can have the lamp customized with high quality fabric cables from available colors. Each lamp is hand made upon order.

Comes with Free 5 inch (G40) 40 watt Globe Bulb.

Height: 48” (Bulb height is fully adjustable)
Base: 10”
Weight: 4.5 Lbs
Length of cord: 4.5 meters (15 Feet)
Inline switch on cord.

Each lamp is made by hand in Canada. If you're looking for any other color to compliment your decor, or would like to customize the size or design then send us an email and we might be able to customize it for you. There might be a little extra charge depending on the level of customization.


- Please note while our lamps are not UL listed however all electrical components used in our lamps are UL listed and finest quality. We are not mass-manufacturers; we handcraft each lamp upon order to highest standards. Each lamp is inspected and tested prior to shipping.
- Consult qualified electrician for installation where applicable.
- All lamps using incandescent bulbs must not exceed 60 Watts.
- GAGAN DESIGN INC. is not Liable for any damages caused by misuse of these products.

Category: Lighting

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