C45 Rudder Desk


C45 Expeditor Rudder Desk: The C45 Expeditor rudder makes an impressive desk. All old paint stripped off and gave way to fresh zesty military’ish green. Custom cut glass top and industrial aviation style legs make this desk very unique and a great place for your ideas to take flight.

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HistoryThe C-45 is a military version of the Model 18 light commercial transport that first flew on January 15, 1937. 5,204 military models were delivered during World War 2. A number of C-45 transports served with the RCAF from 1944-1967 under the name Expeditor 3NM, 3NMT, 3T, etc., as a twin-engine navigational trainer, crew transport and a "hack", or taxi. Versions of both the C-45 and its civil counterpart, the Model 18, served with thirty of the world's air forces.

Wood Frame
Vintage Aircraft Aluminum Rudder
Tempered Glass Top
Dimensions: 70"L x 36"W x 30"H
Weight: 120 Lbs

Each Aviation Furniture piece is unique and is restored in Canada. If you're looking for any other color for upholstery or piece of furniture like an office desk, conference table, couch, coffee table or side table then send us an email to check.

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