Nose Art on WW II Bomber Teardrop Loop Antenna

Sugar’s Blues: This Limited Edition replica hand painted nose art belongs to Lancaster KB-864 of no. 428 squadron RCAF. The figure is based on the popular “Varga" pin-up girl who was featured in the January 1945 edition of Esquire magazine. The aircraft’s markings were NA-S and the aircraft would have been referred to as “s for sugar. "Sugar's Blues was a popular wartime dance tune.
This Aviation Art piece is one-of-its-kind in the world and for true aviation connoisseurs. It's a great way to pay tribute to those magnificent moments in history.
You can also have this Loop Antenna customized with other wartime nose arts. (There would be an extra cost depending on the art. Drop us a line for a special commission)

History: No. 428 Squadron RCAF, also known as 428 Bomber Squadron, and 428 Ghost Squadron, was a bomber squadron in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Throughout its service in the Second World War the squadron was based in England and flew bombing missions against the enemy.

Incidentally, Flying Officer Willard Josephus Sheldon Kathan, one of Canada’s last surviving Second World War veterans, reached the 100-year mark on April 25, 2014. He flew as a flight engineer on board Royal Canadian Air Force Avro Lancaster, nicknamed Sugar’s Blues. A  veteran who flew in some of the most dangerous air operations of the Second World War he, recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

This aircraft Loop Antenna was part of many bomber aircrafts during World War II.

Real Teardrop Loop Antenna from War bird
Hand painted art
Dimensions: 25"L x 11"W x 19"H
Weight: 9 Lbs

Each Aviation Furniture/Art piece is unique and is restored in Canada. If you're looking for any other noseart then send us an email to check.

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