Peliclamp Desk Lamp

The Most Versatile Lamp: It's a Table Lamp, Wall Sconce, Bedside Lamp, Shelf Lamp…:
The Peliclamp is 27 inch long flexible tube lamp with bright LED bulb that can be configured and bent in any way possible. It’s ‘Pelican’ like long neck has a great reach and can be bent to configure in many ways to direct light and aesthetic looks.
The base is a wide ‘Clamp’ that can be attached to a desk, shelf or anyway you can stretch your imagination.
The laser engraved leather protects your table from any scratches from the clamp besides adding a beautiful detail.
Ideal for large desks or small ones with precious desk space this lamp has virtually no footprint on a desk.
Peliclamp uses a bright LED bulb that gives out a bright warm white light.

The lamp has an inline rocker switch on the cord just near the base for easy reach.

6 inch long cylindrical wooden head housing the LED has a subtle glow at one end when the lamp is on. You can choose a colored wooden-head or bare wood to match your décor. Clean, modern and minimal, Peliclamp is sophisticated yet fun accent.

Please choose from different colored 'Heads' (1/3 head painted as in pictures) or 'Dots' (just back of head painted as in pictures) or if you prefer 'Bare wood'.

Weight: 1.5 Lbs.
Dimensions: 27”H x 3”W
Wooden Shade/ Head: 1.5” Dia x 6” L
Length of cord: 10 Feet
G9 LED Bulb 6W (Included)
Luminous Flux: 540 Lm. Warm White

Each lamp is made by hand in Canada. If you're looking for any other color to compliment your decor, or would like to customize the size or design then send us an email to check if the lamp can be customized for you. There might be a little extra charge depending on the level of customization.


- Please note while our lamps are not UL listed however most electrical components used in our lamps are UL listed and finest quality. We are not mass-manufacturers; we handcraft each lamp upon order to highest standards. Each lamp is inspected and tested prior to shipping.
- Consult qualified electrician for installation where applicable.
- All lamps using incandescent bulbs must not exceed 60 Watts.
- GAGAN DESIGN INC. is not Liable for any damages caused by misuse of these products.

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